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 My name is
Tiger Boo and Iím a 9 month old classic brown tabby female kitten. I was adopted to a great home but my guardians couldnít keep me because I have a chronic cold. About once a week I sneeze really hard and blow boogers out my nose. I think itís kinda cool, but they didnít.


Bella and Laptop are beautiful Siamese mix girls who love each other very much and need to go to a home together.  Bella is a two-year-old Siamese seal point snowshoe who was rescued from TLAC due to her fearful behavior. She is very shy and doesnít like the company of people much (except when sheís ready to eat!). She does, however, LOVE the company of her kitty pal Laptop.
Laptop is a one-year-old torti point Siamese. She has crossed-eyes and a loving personality and disposition. She has a chronic eye problem (watery eyes) that is not contagious to other kitties. I rescued her from a dashboard of an old car; her eyes were infected and swollen shut, she had so many fleas she was anemic and drastically underweight.  I didnít actually think she would make it. But she did! She has a wonderful spirit!


Boo is a dainty, 4.5-pound, 9 month old female kitten. She and her littermates were so malnourished when rescued from TLAC that they havenít grown very big. All of Booís littermates were adopted and sheís the only one left! She loves to make biscuits on your stomach first thing in the morning purring her heart out!




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